Post C: Indonesia provides a fresh new start

Moira Horrocks lived in a suburban house in St Ives for almost 15 years before embarking on one of the most prolific experiences of her life. It wasn’t until she came across the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival online, that Moira finally took the leap and moved her life to Ubud for 2 years.

Two years ago, Moira was a freelance editor and proofreader who had always dreamt of writing her own novel or short stories. With her two children heading off to University, she decided this was perhaps her time to fulfil her lifelong passion of putting pen to paper. She had read about the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and always felt that it was beyond her grasp however she was so inspired by the festival and their mission “to celebrate extraordinary stories and amplify brave voices”, that a few hours later had spontaneously booked herself a ticket to Indonesia.

The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival is an annual event that takes place in Bali’s creative and cultural heartland. It is now the largest and most renowned literary and cultural event of Southeast Asia, tackling global issues and encouraging imaginative ideas. Writers, artisans and performers from across Indonesia and all over the globe come together for five days to “celebrate knowledge and the arts, education, wisdom and science”. The festival cemented Moira’s lifelong dream to explore her creative passions.

After attending the festival, Moira extending her trip for another month, as she fell in love with the Indonesian culture and all that it had to offer. One month turned into two, and before she knew she had moved into a villa, just outside of Ubud, surrounded by lush tropical gardens where flowers and fruits grow freely.

Moira's villa in Ubud
Moira’s villa in Ubud

Every morning, Moira walks through the rice paddies that surround her villa, and says she “often pinches [her]self with the beauty that Indonesia has to offer”. Her stories are constantly inspired by their culture and her creative design is intrinsically influenced by the unique design aesthetic of Indonesia.

Indonesian Markets
Indonesian Markets
Indonesian Art
Indonesian Art

The constant growing New Age community has settled down in Ubud, and there are several holistic healing centres, energy readings and tantric workshops just round the corner from where she lives. Since moving to Indonesia, Moira has enjoyed exploring her spirituality, and attends a Yoga class every morning just a few metres from her front door.

Rice fields just around the corner from Moira's villa
Rice fields just around the corner from Moira’s villa


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