Post D: 4A Galleries Dadang Christanto & FX Harsono


4A Contemporary Art Gallery constantly includes Indonesian Visual Artists in the Exhibitions. The exhibition currently on show “Tell me my truth” is a show that looks at the relationships of an individual within a group.

One of the Artists is well renowned Indonesian Artist FX Harsono.

Harsono is one of Indonesia’s most prolific and provocative artists to come out of Indonesia’s contemporary Art Scene. Harsono is a perfect example of an Indonesian artist – a figure constantly criticising and questioning Indonesian Politics, society and Culture, he is one of a few artists that lived through massive upheaval and social unrest during Suharto’s reign. His work constantly revolves around the interaction between Chinese minorities within Indonesia to the mostly Malay population. FX Harsono is a multi-disciplinary artist working from Video Art to 3d Installation and sculptures.


FX Harsono ‘Berziarah ke Sejarah (Pilgrimage to History)’ 2013

Single channel video

13′ 40″ (looping)

His work in the 4a exhibition titles “Pilgrimage to History (2013) once again explores the politically charged era of Indonesian history through a process of contemplation at Mass grave sites around Indonesia. We see through his work his search for identity in the culturally diverse and rich melting point that is Indonesia.

Another show exhibited at 4A Gallery was ‘Survivor’ by Dadang Christanto. Australian-Indonesian artst Christanto’s work is exploration of the disaster and it’s human impact on events in the Sidoarjo region of East Java where hot volcano wiped out 11 nearby villages. Christanto’s work displays the rich land that Indonesia occupies in Asia. His work perfectly captures the group mentality of the Indonesian art scene, where in the work ‘Survivor’ volunteers silently occupy the space, covered in mud and holding a photographic portrait. The work also has a political aspect, continuing his enquiry in response to his father’s disappearance under the Suharto regime in the mid 1960’s.

Both these artists embody the ‘Indonesian artist’, an artist that is multi-disciplinary who is politically engaged who constantly gives back to the local Indonesian community.


Dadang Christanto “Survivor” 2009


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