Post A: Economic and sustainable contexts in Indonesia

Indonesia is on an economic boom as it is ever climbing and now the 17th biggest economy in the world with it to expected to soar in the next two decades.

This economic growth in Indonesia doesn’t come without a cost as the country is still a developing one. Infrastructure still needs work for the increasing traffic of cars and population in crowded areas, which in turn creates more pollution, traffic and the reason why places are becoming over populated is because there are more jobs there and it is a growing cycle the more people the more jobs the more people the more jobs and on and on it goes as-well as people are living longer.

So how does Indonesia create a sustainable society ? Well it needs to work towards the goals of self sufficient food, education, governance, clean water, energy consumption, natural resources and health living (health care).

Designers locally are coming to the call with interior , architecture and product designers all producing sustainable design to help the social economic problem’s of sustainability .

A good example of this is industrial and interior designer Joey Dogge who has created Yanto which is furniture for 5 square meter living out of sustainable wood products. His furniture also addresses the smaller living circumstances in dense population areas in Indonesia with the rising economic boom. His furniture allows him to use it as a storage area, desk, a place to lie down or sleep, sit down and the whole thing can be assembled by hand so no tools are need. Which also helps the less educated and the elderly people on assembly.

See youtube video: 

Some other designs that are helping sustainability is this set of bags promoting non timber forest products crafted products they are set of hand woven baskets.


In architecture the Green school by Cynthia Hardy can be seen as a sustainable design as it uses bamboo a fast growing renewable and versatile product that is eco friendly. The green school is also powered by renewable energy making it self-sufficient. Sustainable in construction and house

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