air, and land are all now polluted. In Indonesia, there are a lot of environmental issue. One of the issue that have been one of biggest issue in Indonesia is waste management that is now mounting as growing household consumption and the rising business activity and create a higher volume of food waste, plastic and industrial byproducts. In order to solve the problem, Indonesian government has tried to stricken waste management and recycling regulation. In addition to help solving the waste. A collective of creative people has grouped up and brainstorm around the idea of helping the environment to get better. Upcycling is their solution. In stead of recycling by burn and melt those waste into different product, Upcycling is even better solution by make those waste for different uses.

Sapu is what they called themselves. Sapu is based in Salatiga which is a town at the foot of the volcano Mount Merbabu, and formed of designers, sewers, recyclists, artists, musicians, scientists and writers whose are originated from Central Java and Australia. Initially, Sapu was just a group of few members and involved with local Indonesian NGO named Komunitas TUK—Tanam Untuk Kehidupan. They collect recycle material from waste, other used objects, unused pieces found in households or work spaces, such as inner tire tubes, plastic drink bottles, old magazines, and etc. to create beautiful, useful and stylish products and art. Those products include bracelets, necklaces, wallets, bags, t-shirt and other jewelry and they believe that “recycling makes the world a better place!”. They aim to give those trashes a second life.

In the process of creating the products, they first start off collecting those inner tire tubes that are thrown away and then get it cleaned and treated. After that I cut in into a shaped that is measured into size that fit a certain type of design, such as wallet, bag or a bracelet. It then got design into a very unique style to suit the use of the product itself. In term of profits, Sapu always gives their 10% of their turnover to TUK to help with environmental issue. 

I feel like Sapu is really great community which can help their art and craft of Indonesian culture. Doing upcycling is really helping environment a lot with the waste that cannot be disposed. By making it for another use and give it second life, earth will be a better place.


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