Art can be found anywhere around you. Art can express the messages in a thousand words rather saying words that people will forget as time goes. While I was in Indonesia, I went to visit one of the street village in Yogyakarta, the capital of the Indonesian Island of Java, and it was really an amazing experience. I was really shocked that those street arts in Indonesia are all very graphic, have a very deep meaning and pretty in its own way. Unlike Sydney, Australia, street arts are very contemporary and unique.

Walking through the village in Yogyakarta, it gave me a feeling of depression which shows the artist feels through art. According to MOCAtv that highlights about political street art in Yoyakarta, there are a lot of technique to do art, such as poster sticking and stencil painting just like graffiti. One of the taggers, named Digie Sigit (DS13), said his productions or creations were based on social, humanistic, political culture and concepts of local culture that he got from public. The other tagger is also a street artist who based on street poster. His works are also mainly talking about socio-political issues too.

On the other hand, in the city of Sydney, “art in public places is one of the indicators of a flourishing cultural life. It can add joy, texture and complexity to the public domain, help to define our places, tell our stories, and preserve our memories for future generations.” As myself, one of Sydney people, I feel like art in Sydney shows much more of freedom and contemporary. Talking about street art in Sydney, this is a street art program which is called City Art Program and it is for public art, to support local and international artists and contribute to the creative and cultural heartbeat of the City of Sydney. However, there are some street arts that is based on political and was painted illegally.

There are millions of arts across the world. I think street art is one of the good messenger to give people messages of what to be aware of and what is happening in today’s world.


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