Post A: Batik belong Indonesia culture


Nowadays, country and country have closed connection, culture and economic have strong communication, that lead one word coming to people life is “globalization”. In the modern city, people maybe going to confused which city are they stay in, because the building all likes the skyscraper, these building maybe have same shape or style. But always will have some place continue keep the original look like and keep traditional style.

1.pic_hd 2

photography by adela

Batik is a symbol of the Indonesia, but sometimes I always can find news that about Indonesia and Malaysia fight for batik birthplace. Anyway, before fashion fabric becoming normal, batik has important part of Indonesia people. Batik is a traditional way to dye the fabric, the special is will have some pattern on the fabric, such as flowers、birds and geometric figure. Main color is black、red and yellow. Indonesia people love batik. Batik can be making people formal clothes and causal clothes. You can see in Indonesia people house, they have lot batik stuff. Now batik becoming a symbol of Indonesia, the government people will wear batik clothes meet other country important people.

photography by adela

When I going to Indonesia, my friend ask me bring some batik to her. I remember I went to shop bought batik, they have different prices, some batik is really expensive but some batik price is cheap. Then I ask the stuff about why price is different, stuff told me cheap price is form machine making, these batik has same design on it, as we know machine can make over thousand batik in half hour, then these batik is cheaper. Other expensive batik is hand made; batik has long history and become an art, some artist like use traditional way to creative batik. This batik cannot find same pieces, then this type batik is expensive. Batik is belonging Indonesia culture because batik pattern idea is form they life, Indonesia like a nature country, people like nature and can use nature idea to make belong Indonesia art.

Batik is traditional art but need design more patterns on it. Batik is belong to Indonesia traditional culture.


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