POST B: Hello, The Plastic World

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People hardly know to what extent they have been destroying nature just to appeal to their conveniences. We are ever so enveloped in plastic goods close by that we may well be living in a plastic world. After the industrial revolution, people have been comfortable and sought simple and time saving ways of living. However, plastic manufacturing has its pros and cons; while it is easy to make, inexpensive, light and rather versatile, it is so hard to decompose that people say plastic takes about 500 years to complete breakdown, and the waste caused by it results in environmental pollution. Random dumping is the main culprit of this pollution. Toxic wastes are washed away by rain or by other means, and contaminate streams; this is a major threat, as it can lead to water pollution and, consequently, various diseases. It also causes the air to become polluted resulting in ill effects on the human body such as pneumonia and unforeseen weather phenomena. In order to solve this, we should recycle plastic containers. However, by no means is this comprehensive answer to the problem. The world has suffered great losses because of abnormal changes in the weather, occurring all around the globe.

As consumer goods increase in number, so too do carbonic acid gases. 9% of the Northern Ice Caps thaw every 10 years; at this rate, low-lying areas like Florida, Shanghai, India and New York will be buried underwater. In addition to that, 40% of the world population resorting using glacial water as their water source may result in shortages.


Contemporary designers come up with ideas to deal with environment issues that how can they deals with an environmental challenge in creative design way. Designer Manila from Women’s Co-Op, she created recycling bag by used plastics. The Women’s Co-Op design company presents plenty of designs.


The other environment challenge designs on the website name is ‘My plastic free life’. They claim that we can put all groceries in glass vessels instead of plastic ones, use packages made of paper, and make flower vases out of used light bulbs. If we preserve and treasure nature on our own accord, nature depletion may slow down. For instance, if we keep the heat at its optimal level, save water and use personal glasses, not disposables, we will reduce our waste output.



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