Post C: interview

By Yuk Yi Lam

I interviewed a few people that I met in Indonesia, the first one is a Indonesian student that i met in Salatiga and a farmer in Bumi Langit.

From my interview with Ilham Anggro Sakti, he is a student in Salatika. He mentioned that trash everywhere is a big issue in Salatiga and Indonesia, for example lot of trash are in the river or allover the street and It cause a bad smell. Also, some of the trash could be recycled, such as plastic bag and plastic bottle, but they didn’t. I’ve asked about why don’t every one or government to work on some recycling programs? Anggo told me that If anything cost money, government and people won’t do it. He also claimed that government actually do noting with the environment problems and millions of people in Indonesia suffered. For solution, Anggro thinks it’s hard to solve the problems, but maybe to educate young generation and people will be an effective way. For example, teach them not to throw rubbish everywhere or not to use plastic bag try to bring their own containers and bags. But he thinks that is really hard or impossible to solve the issues without government.

From the interview with Iskandar, he is the owner in Bumi Langit he thinks that nowadays people never identify what they eat, like is the food real organic? it is harm to human body?  the food that people brought from supermarket they never know where it come from, the seller never explain in a clear way. Also, farmer applying chemical pesticides damaged the land and soil. He claimed that in 1970s, when government have the knowledge of using chemical pesticides, government educate the farmer to use it. besides of soil damage and harm to human body, pesticides also make their life become more expensive because every time they wanted to plan something, they have to buy pesticides and the price is getting higher. For solution, he said that we can’t force people to eat organic food or do what they want, the only things that we can do to is try to show them or inspire them.  He mentioned that their local wisdom is ‘You have to learn and do it’, he hopes people not only buying organic food, people should also try and plant by themselves.

From the interviews, I found that there are many issues here that could not be solved and the only solution is to educate people the change their discipline. But I also feel a bit sad after I interview them because what i heard from them is seems like it’s a bit hopeless to solve the issue, like they know there are some problems here, but no one cares and people are not aware with the environment issue.

One thought on “Post C: interview

  1. That is an interesting tour, that is your special day in Indonesia, and you can find some issue form the trip and you give some solution for the issue. Nice work in Indonesia. XIUYI YANG(ADELA)

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