POST C: Terasmitra & Lawe Working to Preserve Traditional Weaving Techniques

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Teras Mitra was one of the stalls selling hand made goods at the Mata Air Festival 2016, whilst there I spoke with Pitria about what Teras Mirta stands for. Teras Mitra acts a platform to launch many different local entrepreneur’s businesses, ranging from handicraft, design, food and Knowledge Management. Teras Mitra is very selective about who they aid, all the brands working with them must have a cause behind them. For example Lawe, a weaving business started by 5 women, Adinidyah, Westiani Agustin, Ita Natalia, Paramita Iswari and Rina Anita in Yogakarta in 2004. Lawe was founded as way to keep traditional weaving techniques alive, and today there are 50 weavers working in Yogakarta. The founders of Lawe wanted to keep this traditional handmade product relevant so they have many different designs, originally the woven fabric was used for clothing or in a traditional ceremony, now it is being used to make bags, wallets, home décor, accerories and stationary. The traditional colours used in this style of weaving are black and browns, however Laew has updated this style by using a variety of colours which appeal to a younger audience, which will keep the next generation interested in this traditional handicraft. Terasmitra supports Lawe because Lawe is about conserving tradition, empowering women and using environmentaly friendly resources, they are currently working with ecological natural dyes.

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Some of Lawe’s products available at the Mata Air festival 2016

However many great organisations such as Lawe often struggle to make ends meet, especially when their Global Environment Facility (GEF) funding runs out which is usually after 2 years, this is where Terasmitra steps in and is able to help these organisations sustain themselves through design, production and marketing. Terasmitra sells products from many other organisations like Lawe, they help communities market their products, and when people buy them they are helping uphold that values of each organisation, indirectly, consumers who purchase the product in Terasmitra can help partners build a better environment.


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