Post D: Indonesia Punk – Punk’s Not Dead

XIUYI YANG( adela)


After the fall of suharto dictatorship in 1998, Indonesia’s politics and society and don’t have much to improve. The gap between rich and poor is becoming more and more serious, no public facilities maintenance and update, developmental delay. Hospitals, schools are lack of efficiency that leading to complaints from people. And wealthy people still enjoy their privileges, defying the lives of ordinary people. The increasingly serious class difference, let the rich to do everything, while the poor get nothing, they have no way out, a lot of street children in Jakarta, couldn’t find a home to return to. ISIS in a place like this can easily find root soil. Is that Indonesia, however, are run amok in the punk music, swept across the country. Whether children or adults, on the music form of the once popular in Europe and the United States is full of love and infatuation. Punk music was rapid warming in Indonesia. Depressed for a long time in the heart of social discontent, and there is no place to vent, the punk music to become their best exports. Among them, the orchestra MARJINAL is caught people this kind of mentality, and quickly. In Indonesia, there is no one I do not know their name. Due to the revolution by means of violence, always bring public disquiet and drama, so the two of them decided to “revolution” is absolutely not interacting with violence, but promote the people wake up, with the practical action to promote social change. Which was the main source of power is to music. As a result, both with music and the evocative lyrics to move people. In the streets of Jakarta, the gamin in the street or bus on the boat, while playing a musical instrument sing MARJINAL song, to obtain spiritual satisfaction. Caused heavy losses in 2004 after the tsunami, MARJINAL is also in the first line, to send relief supplies to affected areas. Java volcanic eruption in 2010, they walked in the mall and sing for the disaster area donation. Caused by the tsunami, killing hundreds of thousand aceh states, in particular, almost paralysis. MARJINAL for victims created azraell song “we wound”, hope survivors “together side by side, hand in hand to cooperate, as to accept other people’s pain as his pain”. Has continued the spirit, continuous terrorist attacks in Bali after the accident, and rang with its melodies. MARJINAL do in Indonesia, to many people in the world were struck a chord, punk fans overseas were attracted to them, support their career, think they represent the true punk spirit. Unlike some place, just as the punk fashion label. The Indonesian authorities for punk band influence among young people is more and more big, also can’t sit. Aceh states a punk rock concert to clamp down on by the police, they make raids, and restrain “clothes” on the young people, in order to “spiritual purification, shave off their no dry hair, and even include girls.


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