POST D: Worst Traffic Congestion – Jakarta

Vehicles are caught in a traffic jam in Jakarta
Vehicles are caught in a traffic jam in Jakarta February 6, 2013. To match Special Report INDONESIA-AUTO/ REUTERS/Beawiharta (INDONESIA – Tags: TRANSPORT BUSINESS CITYSCAPE)

Indonesia, Jakarta has known for its traffic issue which happens everyday, all days and all nights. According to Jakarta Globe (2016), Jakarta has been selected as the city with the worst traffic congestion among the world. Few Indonesian guys has made a music video parody to One Direction song “What makes you beautiful” by changing lyrics they want to convey people of what Indonesia looks like and posted on YouTube via CameoProject channel. Basically, the video is about Jakarta unsolvable traffic congestion and corruption


In the video, it started with a guy was sleeping on a bed and the alarm goes off. Then he turned it off and woke up thinking that he has to renew his photo ID. He gets changed and went out of his house seeing traffic jams are everywhere. He sang saying “Hundreds of people taking on the jammed road and Cars, motorbikes, wagon, all fight for their path out”. He kept singing why it’s always become so trafficked. He also talked about government were going to build MRT but it’s not that as soon as they want it be. He said he would have moved to Bali where there is no traffic such like Jakarta always has been.


It took 3 hours for them to get to the office with their sweats. Then they were surprised how many people were also waiting and queue up just to go in. After they waiting with hot and unpleasant atmosphere. At last the officer came out and said that it will take three months to finish the process. He said to hand some money to hurry the process. They told that they don’t have sufficient money to bribe him.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.52.06 PM.png

They started question, “My Jakarta, how come you are so cruel like this?”. They stated those problems that are on-going day by day in Jakarta such as street jammed, soiled, disordered.

They wanted all problems to be solved so there will no more traffic jams and no more bribery.

“JOKOWI DAN BASUKI” with Eng Subs – “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction [PARODY]

From my perspective, most issues that were stated in the video are true because I heard the same thing from friends those are living in Indonesia and had experience to Jakarta traffic. Moreover, for corruption issue, they are everywhere all around the world. Money can buy most of the things you want. I hope there will be a way to solve these problems.



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My alarms ring
in the morning
I’m still sleepy, gotta close my eyes for a blink
I recall that
I must be fast
Go to lurah nearby to renew my ID card

Right from the bed I jump immediately
Getting ready A-S-A-P

Falling astonished in the minute I find out
Hundreds of people taking on the jammed road
Cars, motorbikes, wagon, all fight for their path out

In what way
Ay.. Ay..
can I go across the way?

How come it’s always this trafficky?
It’s been so long, can’t the solvers be in hurry?
They said they were going to build an MRT **
If I knew this
I is
I would have moved to Bali
ih ih
Instead I’m stuck in Semanggi
(notorious for its traffic jam)

Three, THREE hours!
Trip of ours
Arrives in lurah’s office, after getting lost
Sweating like horse
Tired, oh gosh
Hugely surprised when I see how darn long the queue was
My Jakarta, how come you are like this?
Lining up without sign to cease

I sit in waiting line with thirty applicants
Fanning ourselves, we all were hot and unpleasant
Sweat starts trickling all over from our sweat gland
At what place
Ah ah
are lurah* officers here?

At last come out one man shows his face
Ferocious grimace with long, space-wasting mustache
He tells it will need three months to finish the process
Unless ya…
Ah ah
hand a sum to grease my palms.”
Ah ah
I got insufficient fund ._.

Where Where Where will I get cash from?
It’s left behind in my room.”
He tells me to try come back tomorrow
He gets my mouth wide open

My Jakarta, how come you are so cruel like this?
Street jammed, soiled, disordered, going day by day
In every place, payoff does not seem to cease
I do need
eh ed
I do need Mas*** Jokowi

I do want Jakarta’s street jams to be solved
I do want Jakarta’s slum places to be handled
No longer bribery taking place here and there
I do want
ah ant
Jokowi and Basuki

I do want flooding to be handled
Development fund is not going to be slipped
Impoverished townsmen also to be assisted
I do want
Ah ant
I do want mas Jokowi
Ih ih
Also mas Basuki
Ih ih
Jokowi and Basuki

* “Lurah” is a district headman
** MRT refers to Jakarta’s monorail train; an unfinished project—suspected due to great corruption in its development fund—for Jakarta’s mass transportation. Its pylons now litter the streets of Jakarta. Semanggi is one of the most crowded points in Jakarta, known for its shopping centres. They imply that they are caught on Semanggi’s traffic jam.
*** Mas is the Javanese word for big bro. Instead of ‘Mister’, Jokowi uses a more friendly term to address himself in campaign.

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  1. Nice layout of the image sitting. I am interesting on your topic of the Jakarta traffic, and more interesting thing is you put lyrics in your post that make us can easy get same feeling with you. people can get same attitude with Jakarta traffic. nice idea. XIUYI YANG( adela)

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