Post D

By Yuk Yi Lam

The Festival MatTa air is an event that groups artists and designers from different countries. it’s one of the biggest festival in Java. The idea of the festival is to use art to encourage people and artists join together, also, the main ideas is to get people attention on the environment challenge in Indonesia. At the Festival, they have many kind of different showcase and event,such as shops selling artwork from artists, Indonesia local band show, Indonesia traditional dace show, up cycling workshop, bicycle tour and film watching. Im in the group that to help Sarah to plan and design the event entries, we designed poster and putting some display in the entry. The main idea is to show the message of “saving water, save our world’’, Using visual to convey the ideas to visitor. the artwork from festival Mata air  are all handmade non print and made by up cycling materials.

I think is interesting that they can use any nature material to create artwork rather than using a computer and printer. The art work that I like most is the poster from festival Ma Ta air that create by wood block painting, the beautiful pattern are all done by hand and it takes a lot of time and patient. The woodblock painting is not just a poster, I think it also put some inspiration of Indonesia traditional patterns and it’s a bit like the pattern that I saw on batik. Although, woodblock painting is hard to print in really detailed with colours, but black and white colour works really well in a punk style.

Moreover, we also visit the street art tour in Yogyakarta, It was so amazing to know that people allow artists to draw on there wall, I think it wouldn’t happens in my hometown Hong Kong. Street art would also is an intention is a distinct identity of Yogyakarta and Yogyakarta can one day be celebrated and be famous for street art.


I found an article about street Art: Between art and politics, Wicaksono(2013)mentioned that the government’s lack of interest in taking action toward the problems we have, I decided to form the Street Art Protest movement. Using street art as a tools to speak with government and people is a really good way, rather than just protest on streets.




Wicaksono 2013,’Street art: More than meets the eye’, The Jakarta Post, <;.

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