Post C : Tatto in Indonesia



Griya Tatu Studio Tattoo in malioboro, image by guerim kim

While staying in Indonesia, I had twice of chances to get tattoos in local shop. One shop named Griya Tatu Studio was located nearby our accommodation istana batic hotel in malioboro. The tattooist Griya has experienced for over 15years, a professional designer. He has a small place where included only one desk top, printer, inks and electronic his needles. there were lots of certificate of award on his shop’s wall. I was very lucky because he had to go overseas for the tattoo competition next day for a while. Why I like to meet artists from different back ground and in field is that even though we cant understand our languages each other, they can understand what I want to express through drawing. It is really gorgeous communication beyond just conversation.



Jollyroger tattoo studio, image by miyoung kang

Another shop called is Jollyroger tattoo studio located in Jl. Kusbini and there are three tattooists young and energetic. there name are inu, danoo and daroo and I consulted with danoo who have worked as a tattooist for 7 years. The studio divides into four spaces one for work place, one for the space where can play DJ, one for visitor and a cafe. Interesting point is that there is a barber shop next to the studio which their friend operates and his friend also young and very passionate hair designer. He has done very fun event that if customers bring their caps, he repairs or redesign it . Also cross the studio is his friend’s striker shop. They work together in different field but share their mind and opinions. IMG_2043.jpg   

IMG_2100 copy.jpg

Johnny Playboy Barvershop, image by miyoung kang

I brought own my drawing and we have discussed on its size on my arm after  printing it out.Here are pictures that I took while getting a tattoo and those are all steps of process.

Step 01

Firstly, the designer print the sketch out it real size and decide its location on body and put it using cream. Later it marks black part on body.

IMG_2070.jpgStep 02

Next, He choose his needle that matches with sharpness of sketch after then he prepare his equipments such as inks and electronic device that ink can penetrate into skin.

Step 03

After that, He takes a light on his head to focus on his work and then begin to doing tattoo carefully.

Step 04

After finishing all tattoo, he put cream on the tattoo and lapping because after getting tattoo, skin become so dry that’s why we have to put cream for a while to keep change of its colours.

Tattooist danoo said me that Indonesia has very strong street art culture ranged from punk music to skate board industry. They can draw and express their thinking on the wall using spray and most of street are not illegal. Indonesian is an island consist 1million and 3,677 of small and big islands. It means they dont have a  high speed of internet line and cant connected with it well. For that reason, their movie industry has strongly grown in Indonesia. Normally, people have DVD player in their room and can buy video player and DVD very cheap price.  All they looked enjoy their life and field and it was really fun time to visit their space.



Tattooist inu, image by miyoung kang


Tattooist danoo, image by miyoung kang



Images by miyoung kang, 2017

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