Post B: Artificial Intelligence designs are not called as ‘tool’ anymore




A lonely guy, Joaquin Phoenix who was in the final stages of his divorce ultimately lost his interest in humans because of dissatisfaction companion and all other relationship. An OS, artificial intelligence operation system, Samantha became an impressive conversationalist to him with natural language understanding, a grasp of the broader context, a grounding in common sense, and a mastery of the emotional realm. The film Her  represents our current situation of humans lack of communication and gives question mark for the future scenario what we can build real relationship with artificial intelligence technology.

From all the reviews, description of film reported as like ‘science fiction romance film’, but it can never justify the future oriented film. Now it is happening. The world we are living now that are having the mental health illness from consequences of war, displacement, gender-based violence, natural disasters and other traumas etc. One of the mental illness, panic attacks draw people to feel anxiety and could be cause of suicide unfortunately. According to the NHS, at least one in 10 British people experiences occasional panic attack. So that, technology already offers ways to prevent from various episodes of panic attack via mobile applications, such as the CBT-via-iPhone Mood Gym, and Flowy, a game which regulates your breathing.


A user-friendly portable device, Calming Stone, by Ramon Telfer is based on relaxation techniques like breathing exercise which can help user to manage anxiety and feel calmer. Not even breathing ideas, it lights up should an attack start in the night, features its own headphone jack that will play meditation exercises and an internal fan blows scented air out of its front. The ‘stone’ even vibrates presumably to mimic a resting heart beat.

Contemporary technology is yet a higher level of reasoning, and huge challenges remain to truly understand between social relationships, emotional ties, and humour which are all parts of everyday knowledge. As Calming stone, all the designers and scientists need to start up with health technology.



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