Post C: Indonesian NGO(Non-Governmental Organizations) is Penetrating Its Local Areas That Government Cannot Reach

It is a very precious opportunity that I can interview a local graduate student, who is programing a project called draw your dream in a very poor village.

His name is Bhima Saputera Effenddie, but he prefers to be called Bimbim, who is a very friendly and active boy. And he had studied nursing in a university in Indonesia 1 year ago.

After graduation, he had a vast and hazy about what he could do as well as what he wanted to do in the future. One of his friends invited him to join a program, which was helping kids in poor areas to find their dreams. They ride motorbike for 2 hours to the village, in the middle of a jungle called Datar Batung in South Bornoe that is his hometown.

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-4-46-18-pmThe kids there don’t know what television is and also have no idea about how cars look like. However, they are very innocent and also very strong. Bimbim explained to us that they were such independent kids that they wash their own clothes, cook for themselves and play without parents’ company. I was mostly surprised by Bimbim’s words that once the kids ran as fast as their motorbikes and asked for kelereng (marble). Because Kelereng is the only toy that they have and can offer. What’s more, you may not believe it common that children there dropped off school for working or for marriage in young ages, particularly, 12-year-old girls may have marries and give birth. Therefore, the kids don’t know what dream they can dream about, since the whole jungle just blocks their mind.


Bimbim was teaching kids about dental health, photographed by Bhima Saputera Effenddie

That’s why my friend Bimbim was trying to bring other people’s dream to this village. In one side, children can get ideas about what dreams can be. In another side, they can learn English words and get to know outside world. At meanwhile, Bimbim was studying nursing, so he also helped the local people to improve their health knowledge. During this project, he felt he found the meaning about what life is. His motto is that life is not about living, is about giving, which encourages him to continue this hard but meaningful “job”. After he was back to city, Bimbim and his friends collected around 20,000,000 Indonesia rupee for this village. And he used this money to make uniforms for the students.


I think what Bimbim and his friends did reflect to the reality. People there complain about their government even fight against it, but there are still lots of people never gotten government’s attention. Anyway, Indonesian NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) is penetrating the area that government can not reach and some of the areas are taken care of by them. I believe in the future there will be more people willing to give a hand to those areas.

The kids were wearing uniforms in the village, photographed by Bhima Saputera Effenddie


Photos: Effenddie, Instagram.


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