Post A: Designers Influence

The designers have a big role in every aspect of everything in this world big or small. The role designers play in success of tobacco industry in Indonesia is the design of the small easily transportable cigarette packaging, minimalistic logo design allowing cheaper printing, the very strong and straight forward large advertisement that is literally everywhere. As you can see, below are some images of the advertisements I came across in my adventures around Ambon city. All of the signs stick out so much and don’t really look like tobacco advertisements unless you know there are.  Some of the slogans on the advertisements tell you to smoke by saying “Go ahead”, “Never Quit”.

Designers can make change and be an ethical influence through design activism to stop or minimise tobacco use by doing what UTS did and continue on with what we started in Ambon city, with all the murals and designed education and safe spaces designed for non-smokers. Designers can change the world; we just need to show them a different perspective. But the designers have to tackle a lot of economic, social, and political problems to do this to the extent that it should be carried out. One the hardest challenges in Indonesia to get people to stop smoking is changing the people’s views and behaviours around the topic of tobacco.  These people have grown up with everyone smoking around them for years and years, even to this date. It is not like Australians behaviour around tobacco how it’s expensive, not advertised, no logos, big warnings on packets and a lot of laws around smoking. It almost feels like the complete opposite in Indonesia.

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