POST D:Indonesia’s tobacco market is full of vitality

Indonesia has one of the highest smoking rates in the world, and as the number of global smokers decreases, Indonesia’s tobacco industry continues to flourish.  Indonesia’s dependence on tobacco is not only because of its availability and affordability, but also because of its key role in the country’s economy.

It is not uncommon for children to smoke in Indonesia.  No matter where you go in Indonesia, you can see people smoking.  This is no accident. By the Indonesian government’s default, the global tobacco industry has used advertising, marketing, a mix of cloves and chocolate to turn Indonesia into a smoking addictive country and one of the most valuable tobacco markets in the world.

The end result is an imminent public health disaster.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Indonesia has the highest smoking rate among men in the world, at 67%, and the smoking rate among women is also increasing rapidly.  The impact is huge. According to WHO statistics, approximately 425,000 Indonesians smoke each year, which is close to a quarter of the country’s annual death toll.


On the other hand, Mohammed Faisal, executive director of the Indonesian Economic Reform Think Tank Center, told the ABC that tobacco has always been one of Indonesia’s largest national industries. Hand-rolled Kletek clove cigarettes  Rooted in Indonesian culture.

Tobacco is also the second leading cause of poverty, according to data released by the Bureau of Statistics in July. However, Indonesia is one of only eight countries that has not signed the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, including restrictions on tobacco company lobbying groups.  And children sale.

The regulatory environment is so favorable that Indonesia is known as the “Disneyland of the tobacco industry”.  (Webste 2013)

Indonesia is also the only country in Southeast Asia that allows direct tobacco advertising and only partially bans radio and television advertising during the day.  The younger generation in this country is exposed to cigarette advertising in stores, billboards and the Internet. It is also exposed to cigarette advertising through sponsored concerts, sports leagues and events. This situation has also led some young people to think it is fresh and blindly  Try tobacco.(World Health Organisation) The smoking of young people in Yogyakarta is particularly shocking. It is reported that four out of ten adolescents have smoking habits. This phenomenon has had a huge impact on their lives and health.


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