Post A :Space Design in Spa


b8xascocmaegf9wRashima Karrani Cept, Greenhost hotel ,2017

Eco friendly design that remains with nature …

Pesonally, I was really lucky that we stayed in Greenhost hotel in Yogyakarta. Before, leaving for Indonesia, I researched on Yogyakarta design and had a chance to read review and article on Greenhost hotel built of Eco friendly environment.  All hubs and natural ingredients that used in art kitchen of Greenhost hotel are grown in their own organic farm located in rooftop.  The hotel interior is combination with industrial and eco friendly  design that has lead the trend  steadily to this day.  I was very impressed the poor as well, there is no roof in that space where the poor is located in. For that reason, out side of temperature and sunlight are transmitted in the hotel through open roof. There was really raining day, while staying and I could see the rain dropped from sky.


screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-2-18-39-amw_jalanjalan, Tea Spa in Greenhost hotel ,2017

The hotel installs pipes every floors for hydroponics. These plants plays a role that makes temperature down or up naturally . The tea spa is located in at the end of the poor. I have strong interest especially on space design included with sap. In my opinion, it is strongly minimalized space that dosent need any special puncture or  props. This being so, more and more the design factor are emphasized. The factors can be texture of the ground, the consideration of the flow of human traffic in mind, the quality of service offered, selecting of music, sorts of hub used in massage, fragrance of aroma oils and even tea that drinks after spa. I suppose that every single factor is integrated and interdisciplinary design and we want to find our healing and composure in relaxation. It is a design that remains with human and nature together. In modern society, spa space has become one of the important and essential healing medium. In busy urban life, healing space makes us to refresh and energetic .

01Spa with a nature, Rio de Janeiro, 2017

Some people visit the spa of the reason that they want to get medical treatment, and some one find that space for refreshment or leisure or some others want to make social gatherings. For that mixed and complicated reason, the needs are demanded more luxury and careful design for users.  In the past, People tended to that spa is just for bath and relax. Because of that reason that there was limitation of space and unified design which doesn’t have any unique design factors. But nowadays, These kinds of facilities have brought big changes. The designers have to consider more various factors in order to meet demand of visitors. Not only for that reason that healing through spa, but also we want to approach new culture of different countries, further more we want to communicate diverse people and it is our purpose that we remain and  meet space.



Spa in camping place, CEDAR HOT TUBS UK, 2017

While selecting one of their spa menu, i asked simple questions. They tolled me that they use aroma oil from Bogor and JABA natural  hubs for body scrub. Single room has quite big and there is natural light through open roof and some part of room has open roof as well. Floor and door are made by natural wood and amenities are prepared well for spa. The atmosphere was exotic and their all place that our eyes tune on are green .040503

w_jalanjalan, Tea Spa in Greenhost hotel ,2017



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Post C : Tatto in Indonesia



Griya Tatu Studio Tattoo in malioboro, image by guerim kim

While staying in Indonesia, I had twice of chances to get tattoos in local shop. One shop named Griya Tatu Studio was located nearby our accommodation istana batic hotel in malioboro. The tattooist Griya has experienced for over 15years, a professional designer. He has a small place where included only one desk top, printer, inks and electronic his needles. there were lots of certificate of award on his shop’s wall. I was very lucky because he had to go overseas for the tattoo competition next day for a while. Why I like to meet artists from different back ground and in field is that even though we cant understand our languages each other, they can understand what I want to express through drawing. It is really gorgeous communication beyond just conversation.



Jollyroger tattoo studio, image by miyoung kang

Another shop called is Jollyroger tattoo studio located in Jl. Kusbini and there are three tattooists young and energetic. there name are inu, danoo and daroo and I consulted with danoo who have worked as a tattooist for 7 years. The studio divides into four spaces one for work place, one for the space where can play DJ, one for visitor and a cafe. Interesting point is that there is a barber shop next to the studio which their friend operates and his friend also young and very passionate hair designer. He has done very fun event that if customers bring their caps, he repairs or redesign it . Also cross the studio is his friend’s striker shop. They work together in different field but share their mind and opinions. IMG_2043.jpg   

IMG_2100 copy.jpg

Johnny Playboy Barvershop, image by miyoung kang

I brought own my drawing and we have discussed on its size on my arm after  printing it out.Here are pictures that I took while getting a tattoo and those are all steps of process.

Step 01

Firstly, the designer print the sketch out it real size and decide its location on body and put it using cream. Later it marks black part on body.

IMG_2070.jpgStep 02

Next, He choose his needle that matches with sharpness of sketch after then he prepare his equipments such as inks and electronic device that ink can penetrate into skin.

Step 03

After that, He takes a light on his head to focus on his work and then begin to doing tattoo carefully.

Step 04

After finishing all tattoo, he put cream on the tattoo and lapping because after getting tattoo, skin become so dry that’s why we have to put cream for a while to keep change of its colours.

Tattooist danoo said me that Indonesia has very strong street art culture ranged from punk music to skate board industry. They can draw and express their thinking on the wall using spray and most of street are not illegal. Indonesian is an island consist 1million and 3,677 of small and big islands. It means they dont have a  high speed of internet line and cant connected with it well. For that reason, their movie industry has strongly grown in Indonesia. Normally, people have DVD player in their room and can buy video player and DVD very cheap price.  All they looked enjoy their life and field and it was really fun time to visit their space.



Tattooist inu, image by miyoung kang


Tattooist danoo, image by miyoung kang



Images by miyoung kang, 2017

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Post B : Design initiative for Public Health

201501051658830_opjrnq910Smoking in South Korea has similar rate with other developed countries in the OECD. Male smoking is the highest at 36.2% while female smoking by far the lowest at 4.3%.The South Korean government aims to take down smoking rate to the OECD average of 30% by 2020 by making the country that one of the world’s most strict place on smoking, using such as the price hike of cigarette, warning images on packs, campaign and advertising bans, financial incentives and medical help for stopping along with a strict smoking ban laws in all public places including cafes, bars, streets and restaurants since July 2013, with high fines.


Kali code project by mmct. 2017

While staying in Indonesia, we had a opportunity to visit Muh.ammadiyah Tobacco Control Center in order to why and how they help for smokers so in this blog I try to address one of Korean non-profit organization health care center.


Korean public health centre, seongnamdiary blog. 2017

Korean public health centre is public and non-profit organization for promoting health of local residents and preventing diseases also they try to manages residents’ wealth related to their health and it is operated by Korean government. Korean public health centre provides various services and all centre must operate smoking clinic and I try to focus on them in this blog post Government cover all price for the treaments which government assigns as a wealth care. In personal opinion, Korean medical insurance service is one of the most well-made care in the world.


Smoking clinic aims to take up stopping smoking rate and provide consultations and medicine in order to smokers can live healthy life.They normally provide the medical care and the mental consultations for 6month after patient registers their name to the clinic. When the patient visits the clinic, they need to make a registration card in detail such as their age, overall rate of daily smoking, experience of stopping smoking, time of exercise in a day and drink or not.


After writing on the registration card, the patient has to check their blood pressure and simple body check. After then the professional or  specialist begin consultations one to one.


the patient is also needed that checking carbon monoxide through simple device. After checking an urine examination, the patient can get a result of nicotine rate.


Ansan City hall blog, Lee hyo jin. 2017

In this stage, if someone who depend on high nicotine, they can use adjuvant smoking medicine like nicotine patch, nicotine gum and candy.


Except patch, the clinic provides massaging equipments to help blood circulation and relieve stress . Sometimes the specialist prescribes acupuncture by especial procedure along with adjuvant smoking medicine. While 2week to 6week, the patient has to visit the clinic three to four times and check their changed body condition. At this period if the patient is difficult to visit there, they can make the appointment with the doctor outside of place where they prefer to meet.  Also the clinic operates educational smoking center and offers lots of information through video and speech. The clinic send a message that encourage their stopping smoking every day and doctor call to them unawares to check their situation.

After pass 6month of the program, the clinic support mental consultation and text message. It has been very successful care service in Korea, has really high rate of stopping smoking at over 50% with long term strategy.


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POST D : Indonesian Culture

Laska Pelangi  (The Rainbow Troops)


2008 ‧ Drama film ‧ 2h 5m

  • Director: Riri Riza
  • Story by: Andrea Hirata
  • Producer: Mira Lesmana

Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) is a Indonesian film adapted from the same titled novel by Andrea Hirata.  The movie based on author’s childhood memories addresses the friendship and dream through an education.The novel has been placed as the best seller with selling 15 million five million copies since published in 2005 Indonesia.The novel  was adapted into a film in 2008 by directors Riri Riza.  The film became the biggest box office hit and the most viewed film of all time in Indonesia. The film made not only the leading actor children famous but also was adapted as musicals by reason of film’s box office hit. Since then Sang Pemimipi(Dreamer) written as the sequel of The Rainbow Troops was adapted a film as well.


The film focuses on describing difficulty of the education environment in 1970 and was very touching especially the passion on the education. It  is a beautiful movie with laughs and warm, touching moment with 10 children divested of their right of leaning under the name of  poverty and  their teachers who want give an opportunities through the education. Belitung island that was one of the richest island in Indonesia has changed the poor island after the factories are closed. Since Belitung island become poor economically, also their education institutions for Muslims suffers heavily. Belitung island a abundant   place that have natural resources such as tin, most of natives are just poor labors of company PN Timah that digs thin on the island. People who represents PN Timah company and their children enjoy the high quality of educational opportunities and luxury life. They lives a private place by the high fence that splits from outside where most of labors lives in.

Even though the children appears that education is an  extravagant indulgence in their  in poor surroundings, their teachers do their best and children dreams future like beautiful rainbow.  Islamic primary school Muhamadia goes through hardships, since the district school board had already declared that their little school must close if they do not make 10 students minimum.

Sometime children go to the market to earn money with not being in school or leave to a farm. Big and small accidents, accurred in succession have not stopped. Their young female teacher fight against its hard situation to keep their children and school. Meanwhile the children grow up together.  It  is a very touching story that gives a messege to us that the poverty cant take a way the opportunities of passion towards learing.


Fortunately, ten students (most of them are poor laborers’ children) do sign up, Ikal who likes badminton and writing, Lintang, a fisherman’s son who turns out to be a genius, artist Mahar, sahara who want to be a female human right activist, harun who likes number3, hansome boy tripini who most like his mother. Shahdan who dreams a stage actor, kukai who want to be a politician, muscular boy Samson who want make strong body, kiong a farmer’s son and lastly one more student floi who came from rich school.

The film captures like these kind of social change and the struggles of marginalized people  to achieve their dreams, friendship and passion against the background of what was once one of Indonesia’s richest island.Through the film we can see very beautiful place in Indonesia. Below image is the place named Rainbow Troops.

11132When it is raining, children always  go up on the tree go to watch rainbow.Because of this behavior, their teacher makes their nick name “Rainbow Troops” which means representing their most beautiful days. I think , we can share and feel the purity from children regardless of border’s countries. The OST Laskar Pelangi that children sings by themselves is a one of attractive point of the film. It was a movie likes its title rainbow with those beautiful music and gorgeous landscape in Indonesia.



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