Post D: Indonesia Punk – Punk’s Not Dead

XIUYI YANG( adela)


After the fall of suharto dictatorship in 1998, Indonesia’s politics and society and don’t have much to improve. The gap between rich and poor is becoming more and more serious, no public facilities maintenance and update, developmental delay. Hospitals, schools are lack of efficiency that leading to complaints from people. And wealthy people still enjoy their privileges, defying the lives of ordinary people. The increasingly serious class difference, let the rich to do everything, while the poor get nothing, they have no way out, a lot of street children in Jakarta, couldn’t find a home to return to. ISIS in a place like this can easily find root soil. Is that Indonesia, however, are run amok in the punk music, swept across the country. Whether children or adults, on the music form of the once popular in Europe and the United States is full of love and infatuation. Punk music was rapid warming in Indonesia. Depressed for a long time in the heart of social discontent, and there is no place to vent, the punk music to become their best exports. Among them, the orchestra MARJINAL is caught people this kind of mentality, and quickly. In Indonesia, there is no one I do not know their name. Due to the revolution by means of violence, always bring public disquiet and drama, so the two of them decided to “revolution” is absolutely not interacting with violence, but promote the people wake up, with the practical action to promote social change. Which was the main source of power is to music. As a result, both with music and the evocative lyrics to move people. In the streets of Jakarta, the gamin in the street or bus on the boat, while playing a musical instrument sing MARJINAL song, to obtain spiritual satisfaction. Caused heavy losses in 2004 after the tsunami, MARJINAL is also in the first line, to send relief supplies to affected areas. Java volcanic eruption in 2010, they walked in the mall and sing for the disaster area donation. Caused by the tsunami, killing hundreds of thousand aceh states, in particular, almost paralysis. MARJINAL for victims created azraell song “we wound”, hope survivors “together side by side, hand in hand to cooperate, as to accept other people’s pain as his pain”. Has continued the spirit, continuous terrorist attacks in Bali after the accident, and rang with its melodies. MARJINAL do in Indonesia, to many people in the world were struck a chord, punk fans overseas were attracted to them, support their career, think they represent the true punk spirit. Unlike some place, just as the punk fashion label. The Indonesian authorities for punk band influence among young people is more and more big, also can’t sit. Aceh states a punk rock concert to clamp down on by the police, they make raids, and restrain “clothes” on the young people, in order to “spiritual purification, shave off their no dry hair, and even include girls.


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Post B:water privatization



According to “Asia Times” reported that the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund) to pressure to Indonesia, but accelerate the privatization of state-owned enterprises, increase to attract more foreign investment, and it can recover from the financial storm. Indonesia in accordance with the two big international institutions “prescription”, take the lead to low efficiency of water service, market-oriented reform. However after water conservancy to the private enterprises operating in Jakarta in 1997, surprising prices will continue increase that the poor can’t afford to use water more and more.


Jakarta’s privatization scheme of water supply is a former President Suharto of administration. Britain’s “Thames water group” “Suez of France and two foreign water company has monopoly Jakarta water service for 10 years, they did not reduce the water crisis, only makes it worse. The two companies have also sold their shares in the water supply company in Indonesia. As early as 1994, the world bank warned that given the water speed is far behind the pace of pumping speed of the aquifers, groundwater in Jakarta will be difficult to meet the demand of industrial and domestic long-term water in Jakarta. In recent years, the rapid development of real estate industry has occupied a large number of green spaces in Jakarta, many in the water basin of paddy fields, lakes and natural habitats have been destroyed. Covers an area of 661 square kilometers of Jakarta, located in west Java province along the northern coast of alluvial lowland, and at least 13 rivers, over 2000 millimeters of annual rainfall, 78 flood threat. Unfortunately, due to the lack of direct rainfall of crevices or city to stay on the surface, the precipitation is not meet with groundwater. In the face of failure water privatization reform, government officials are thinking way to mend. The government has asked the industry recycling water for industry and commerce, in order to improve water use efficiency.

Indonesia’s national charter says that belong to the state of water resources, for the people. But in 1999, the world bank provided a huge rescue loan to Indonesia, including a regulation legislation in Jakarta to speed up the water supply industry privatization of a $300 million loan, the claim that water for the people all of the charter. In 2004, Indonesia announced the implementation of the water act.





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Post A: Batik belong Indonesia culture


Nowadays, country and country have closed connection, culture and economic have strong communication, that lead one word coming to people life is “globalization”. In the modern city, people maybe going to confused which city are they stay in, because the building all likes the skyscraper, these building maybe have same shape or style. But always will have some place continue keep the original look like and keep traditional style.

1.pic_hd 2

photography by adela

Batik is a symbol of the Indonesia, but sometimes I always can find news that about Indonesia and Malaysia fight for batik birthplace. Anyway, before fashion fabric becoming normal, batik has important part of Indonesia people. Batik is a traditional way to dye the fabric, the special is will have some pattern on the fabric, such as flowers、birds and geometric figure. Main color is black、red and yellow. Indonesia people love batik. Batik can be making people formal clothes and causal clothes. You can see in Indonesia people house, they have lot batik stuff. Now batik becoming a symbol of Indonesia, the government people will wear batik clothes meet other country important people.

photography by adela

When I going to Indonesia, my friend ask me bring some batik to her. I remember I went to shop bought batik, they have different prices, some batik is really expensive but some batik price is cheap. Then I ask the stuff about why price is different, stuff told me cheap price is form machine making, these batik has same design on it, as we know machine can make over thousand batik in half hour, then these batik is cheaper. Other expensive batik is hand made; batik has long history and become an art, some artist like use traditional way to creative batik. This batik cannot find same pieces, then this type batik is expensive. Batik is belonging Indonesia culture because batik pattern idea is form they life, Indonesia like a nature country, people like nature and can use nature idea to make belong Indonesia art.

Batik is traditional art but need design more patterns on it. Batik is belong to Indonesia traditional culture.


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Post C:Art street


19.pic_hdphotography by adela

Graffiti first appeared in America in the 1960 s. After so many years with the development of graffiti culture has spread to many countries in the world, in New York, Berlin, London, Copenhagen and some other big cities, and gradually accepted by people, and gradually become a kind of art. Graffiti is a static form of street culture, it can be political, can be a human, can even do not have any meaning. It is the inner voice comes from the most direct, brightly colored, sonorous voice, individual character make public. It is a sign of a city young, passion and restless, nervous and rebellious, you may not agree with it, you can’t ignore it.

photography by adela

Early 2000, many young following love with street art and see its potential. Anders Busrianto is an Indonesia artist, he told me a lots story about his study and art career when I talking with him in Yogyakarta. He study painting in student time, he said he love painting and has more passion on it. After finish school cup years, he fund street art and did research, then he start creative his own graffiti. He said his idea almost comes from he life and other people normal live. His artwork like a silent but has strong power fist punk the society unfair or unreasonable. Interesting thing is his artwork all drew in the village, appear in every house wall, I try to ask he why he do this, he told me he wish art can be normal in people live, his want to people can accept his artwork and accept his artwork what is want to say. He told me at beginning some house owner was rejecting, because graffiti was not popular. Then Anders need more conversation with house owner, and now people would like give a wall for Anders design.


photography by adela

Graffiti was illegal from the beginning and authors have to hide the visual art, to now the goodwill of legal, economic, cultural, social benefits of art forms, the role of graffiti changed. Graffiti is “good” or “bad”, the debate in the senate may the ceaseless continue, but as Eine said, the public would have don’t care. “The whole world was full of graffiti, no one care about this. It’s just a mess of part of the city.”(Banksy)


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All images taken by myself

Interview with Andres Busrianto transcription