Post A: What does design mean in different context? Dsign Context: Patterns and Textile of Indonesia

Yuk Yi Lam (Kelly)

Under the rapid changes in technology, technology provided designers a more convenient working method and tools, for example in the areas of print design, printers help to mass produce for poster, book and magazine. But what if there is no printer, how to mass produce and photo copy? Though the indonesia program, gave me many ideas on creating a design without relaying on any technological equipment.

Print Design

1 Wood Block

This is an activities of wood block printing workshops, using knife to cut out the patterns that u create and put on inks stamp on the T-shirt. The wood block can reuse for many time, so the use of the wood block is just like the function of a printer.

These are some examples of woodblock art, like poster, tote bag and wood blocks.

It was a really clever technic, people doesn’t have to relay on any equipment, But of course they all need a really professional skill on doing it.


2 Batik

Batik is an Indonesian Traditional art, people usually made it to scarf or wear it like dress and cloths. The traditional colour of batik were made from natural ingredients, the oldest colour was blue and they all paint with wax and colour with inks for many times.

For Modern batik, many fashion designers put the world fashion scene into batik design such as Iwan Tirta, the art pieces promote the traditional indonesian art in a fashion modern way. Moreover, most of the batik that got from the market was print batik, people start to mass produce it in the market because need a lot of afford and patient to made a batik the process takes a really long time and this is the reason why handmade batik is expensive and the production is very limited now.

The best think that I like about Batik is every pieces are unique, all paint by hand and thats what makes batik expensive and precious. Also, Batik is the textile of Java and it’s one of the representation art pice of Java Indonesia, just like the aboriginal painting of Australia.





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