Post A :Space Design in Spa


b8xascocmaegf9wRashima Karrani Cept, Greenhost hotel ,2017

Eco friendly design that remains with nature …

Pesonally, I was really lucky that we stayed in Greenhost hotel in Yogyakarta. Before, leaving for Indonesia, I researched on Yogyakarta design and had a chance to read review and article on Greenhost hotel built of Eco friendly environment.  All hubs and natural ingredients that used in art kitchen of Greenhost hotel are grown in their own organic farm located in rooftop.  The hotel interior is combination with industrial and eco friendly  design that has lead the trend  steadily to this day.  I was very impressed the poor as well, there is no roof in that space where the poor is located in. For that reason, out side of temperature and sunlight are transmitted in the hotel through open roof. There was really raining day, while staying and I could see the rain dropped from sky.


screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-2-18-39-amw_jalanjalan, Tea Spa in Greenhost hotel ,2017

The hotel installs pipes every floors for hydroponics. These plants plays a role that makes temperature down or up naturally . The tea spa is located in at the end of the poor. I have strong interest especially on space design included with sap. In my opinion, it is strongly minimalized space that dosent need any special puncture or  props. This being so, more and more the design factor are emphasized. The factors can be texture of the ground, the consideration of the flow of human traffic in mind, the quality of service offered, selecting of music, sorts of hub used in massage, fragrance of aroma oils and even tea that drinks after spa. I suppose that every single factor is integrated and interdisciplinary design and we want to find our healing and composure in relaxation. It is a design that remains with human and nature together. In modern society, spa space has become one of the important and essential healing medium. In busy urban life, healing space makes us to refresh and energetic .

01Spa with a nature, Rio de Janeiro, 2017

Some people visit the spa of the reason that they want to get medical treatment, and some one find that space for refreshment or leisure or some others want to make social gatherings. For that mixed and complicated reason, the needs are demanded more luxury and careful design for users.  In the past, People tended to that spa is just for bath and relax. Because of that reason that there was limitation of space and unified design which doesn’t have any unique design factors. But nowadays, These kinds of facilities have brought big changes. The designers have to consider more various factors in order to meet demand of visitors. Not only for that reason that healing through spa, but also we want to approach new culture of different countries, further more we want to communicate diverse people and it is our purpose that we remain and  meet space.



Spa in camping place, CEDAR HOT TUBS UK, 2017

While selecting one of their spa menu, i asked simple questions. They tolled me that they use aroma oil from Bogor and JABA natural  hubs for body scrub. Single room has quite big and there is natural light through open roof and some part of room has open roof as well. Floor and door are made by natural wood and amenities are prepared well for spa. The atmosphere was exotic and their all place that our eyes tune on are green .040503

w_jalanjalan, Tea Spa in Greenhost hotel ,2017



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