Although smoking will cause serious health problem, the phenomenon of smoking still has not improved. However, on November 8th, 2018, the American CDC reported the smoking rates fall to record low in the United States, of course they took a lot of methods to try their best to reduce it. One of the measures is workplace smoking bans. In my country, because they will not be punished, people are free, and they could smoke everywhere even it is said that there could not smoke.

In America, legislation that requires non-hospitality workplaces, restaurants and bars are completely smoke-free in 27 states and the district of Columbia, this policy also protect 58.7% of American population. In 1997, based on Executive Order 13058 “Protecting Federal Employees and the Public from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in the Federal Workplace”, workplace smoking bans was actualized in all federal government buildings and in aircrafts. Thus, it can be seen that there are more places are listed in the smoke-free place, and the amount of people who smoke is reduced obviously.

As a result, in 1999, workplace smoking policies already become more prevalent and restrictive in America, there are more public places could not smoke, and if they did, they will be punished. According to the investigation of smoking data, workplace smoking bans made the smoking rate reducing 5 percent, and the consumption of smokers also reduced 10 percent. Therefore, this policy could have an obvious effect on smoking.

For this policy, it is true that the phenomenon is improved from the investigation and data in America, although the good result is not all depending on the workplace smoking bans, it must has an important effect and force to help people to smoke less. Those data could certificate the success of the policy. However, in this policy, one of the most important element is people, because there are many people live in a country, control themselves is also important. For example, although the smoke-free policy is published, there are still some workers smoke in workplace, and the amount pf males are more than females (CDC). Therefore, the success of this policy must have the support of citizen.

And if I design a campaign for controlling smoking, I would like to focus on advertising the harm of smoking and also recommend some medical science method to help people to quit smoking, and it could increase the rate of success.


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