Post B: ‘Sehat Ka Batua’ – protect your money and keep away from breast cancer!

‘Sehat Ka Batua’ is an India health purse with the simple breast self-test steps inside to remind women to keep their breast health. ‘Sehat Ka Batua’ has been created because women in rural India like to put ‘batua’-traditional Indian wallets in their blouses to protect their money(Campaigns of the world 2018). This creative idea created by Grey India Mumbai and support by a car manufacturing company in India called Mahindra rise. This initiative is a unique Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) initiative campaign for self-diagnosis of breast cancer(Spikes Asia 2019), which mean non- profit campaign. The health purse initiative campaign is an opportunity for India women to protect their breast health.

The ‘Sehat Ka Batua’ are regularly distribute during health awareness drives in Madkepada, Belwadi, kinipada, etc. This initiative increased local women’s perception of breast cancer prevention. Besides, according to the campaign of the world (2018), this initiative will be scaled up to reach more and more women in the media-dark parts of the country to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

To some extent, this initiative is very successful because it does benefit many women in India. Effectively improve the prevention of breast cancer (Mahindra Rise 2018). And the campaign was also shortlisted at Cannes Lion for the change 2018 as a fact (Butteriss & Bradley 2019). But, under the local situation in India, most of the citizen in India have religion. According to the 2011 census, the largest part of religion are Hinduism and Islam, which occupy 79.80% and 14.23%, respectively. As Gold et al.(2019) and Schimmel et al.(2019), These two religions are a religion that promotes conservatism. So, for conservative women, it’s an unethical act to print a naked pattern on the wallet.

However, ‘Sehat Ka Batua’ health purse is still a great study case that has inspired us to provide creative ideas. Then, What I learnt from this case? In order to convey information to people’s minds, print the preventive measures on a wallet or other items and distribute to the people is a unique idea that can be a universal application. Besides, If we were designing a tobacco control campaign for Central Java via print the picture with the harmful influence of smoking such as black lung on the wallet or garment then distribute to the smoker as a non-profit project. It might lead to the number of smoker decrease. 

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