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19.pic_hdphotography by adela

Graffiti first appeared in America in the 1960 s. After so many years with the development of graffiti culture has spread to many countries in the world, in New York, Berlin, London, Copenhagen and some other big cities, and gradually accepted by people, and gradually become a kind of art. Graffiti is a static form of street culture, it can be political, can be a human, can even do not have any meaning. It is the inner voice comes from the most direct, brightly colored, sonorous voice, individual character make public. It is a sign of a city young, passion and restless, nervous and rebellious, you may not agree with it, you can’t ignore it.

photography by adela

Early 2000, many young following love with street art and see its potential. Anders Busrianto is an Indonesia artist, he told me a lots story about his study and art career when I talking with him in Yogyakarta. He study painting in student time, he said he love painting and has more passion on it. After finish school cup years, he fund street art and did research, then he start creative his own graffiti. He said his idea almost comes from he life and other people normal live. His artwork like a silent but has strong power fist punk the society unfair or unreasonable. Interesting thing is his artwork all drew in the village, appear in every house wall, I try to ask he why he do this, he told me he wish art can be normal in people live, his want to people can accept his artwork and accept his artwork what is want to say. He told me at beginning some house owner was rejecting, because graffiti was not popular. Then Anders need more conversation with house owner, and now people would like give a wall for Anders design.


photography by adela

Graffiti was illegal from the beginning and authors have to hide the visual art, to now the goodwill of legal, economic, cultural, social benefits of art forms, the role of graffiti changed. Graffiti is “good” or “bad”, the debate in the senate may the ceaseless continue, but as Eine said, the public would have don’t care. “The whole world was full of graffiti, no one care about this. It’s just a mess of part of the city.”(Banksy)


Reference list

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All images taken by myself

Interview with Andres Busrianto transcription


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